5 Reasons to buy a Marquis Hot Tub and Improve the Quality of Your Life


1) Comfort and Therapy.

It doesn’t matter what seat you choose; a specialty seat such as the Adirondack chair, full body massage, or deep captain’s seat they are all meticulously carved by hand to conform to your legs, hips, arms, back and neck. The jets are recessed deep into the Durashell for extra comfort. Also, the Marquis footwells are extra generous to accommodate several people even with long legs. The river rock texture on the bottom provides soothing reflexology which is just one more added benefit.  The jets drive heat deep into your tissue and muscle, bringing relief without the added pressure. The Marquis Tri-Zone hydrotherapy delivers three levels of relief in a single seat: your upper body, mid body, and lower body. Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T) System is a powerful performance feature within the hydrotherapy design of every Jetpod. In laminar flow there are no cross-currents perpendicular to the direction of flow, nor eddies or swirls of water. This delivers maximized flow volumes and significant hydrotherapy benefits. Also unique are the Jetpods: Directional Jetpods provide deep muscle massage by targeting precise locations; Orbital Jetpods address a broad area with a rotating massage delivering a strong, paced flow…a true sensation of massage movement on the skin; Conal Jetpods benefit an expanded skin surface area with a gentler massage. That is some serious gratification! Achieve serious relief of your neck, back, wrists, legs, hips and even interior muscles such as chest and thigh muscles in a Marquis Spa.


Using a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk® delivers thousands upon thousands of micro bubbles into your skin, moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-bubbles literally envelope your body in a soothing cloud of oxygen. Yes, oxygen is good for your skin. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration. Anti-aging benefits are perceivable. With real, tangible effects, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is the anti-aging treatment of choice for the modern, sophisticated woman or man. Instead of invasive medical procedures, your treatment happens as you soak away all the worries of the day in a luxurious Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk. The bubbles created by a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk are not only much smaller than regular hot tub bubbles, they are also negatively charged. Negatively charged ions are believed to increase serotonin production in humans, which is responsible for emotional stability and promotes restful sleep and enhances recovery from physical exhaustion. They also help eliminate free radicals in the body which are known to cause cellular damage. This is part of the degenerative aging process which causes premature aging. The oxygen levels with MicroSilk are 70% higher than tap water. This correlates to a luxurious feeling, energizing skin cells, stimulating your immune system, killing bacteria and promoting healing. You’ll also experience the power of the micro bubbles in the air surrounding the hot tub.


3) Water Management.

The Marquis self-cleaning Constant Clean is less maintenance for you. Constant clean = surface to floor clean water. Vortex skimmers skim surface debris, like body oils, body lotions, and makeup. Water is also drawn up from the footwell through a safety suction fitting, which forces water upward through the filters to trap debris that may settle on your spa floor, such as dirt and sand. This mixes, recirculates and filters all of your water, surface to floor very efficiently, equaling about 24,000 gallons of water daily based on an MP160 pump. That pump comes standard on many Marquis Spas or as an upgrade on a few smaller spas. After the water leaves the filter chambers, it is directed to the pump, then the high flow heater. Water is then routed through one of two areas of sanitization: either the Ozone or the inline satiation system. The ozonators high output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas, which is introduced into a mixing chamber. Any bacteria or contaminants are oxidized as they flow through the chamber, before ozone converts back to oxygen. If the water does not go through the ozone process, it goes through the inline sanitation system. As the water flows through this system, it is treated with natural minerals and bromine before reentering the spa.

4) Insulation.

Marquis uses an icynene full foam insulation. Not only will you have the quietest and strongest spa, you will have the most energy efficient spa on the market.  The icynene foam does not deteriorate over time, and does not support the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew. The foam is a water based system that contains no harmful formaldehydes, CFCs or HCFCs. Icynene foam is flame retardant, water repellent, and will not shrink, sag or settle over time. You will also have up to 30-50% energy savings vs. traditional insulation most hot tub companies use. This can be the difference between $5-10 savings on your energy bills each month.

5) Leisure in Montana

Our core values are lived everyday here at Leisure in Montana

1) Growth is Expected 2) Fun is Required 3) Be Relevant to our Community 4) Strive to be God Honoring.

The local Marquis Authorized Dealer we are proud to serve our customers.  Our mission statement is one word “LEISURE”.  This is the experience we want to have with our customers and vendors before, during and after the sale.  We don’t believe in pressuring you to make a purchase.  It is our passion to help you improve the quality of your life.  Our journey begins with taking the time to “Educate”.  The leisure team will seek first to understand, then to be understood.  It is with the utmost importance we recommend the best spa for your needs.   We have over 15+ years of experience with spas and water chemistry, insuring that long after the sale we are here for you to enjoy your spa each and every day.  When you purchase a spa for Leisure in Montana we welcome you to the Leisure Family.

There are many other reasons you’ll choose a Marquis Spa over a different brand that is offered in the Billings, Montana area, but these are just a few of them. Stop in today to learn more from your Relaxation Specialists and check out our full selection of Marquis Spas.  We believe in helping you improve your quality of life.