Featured Hot Tub of the Week: Marquis Vector21 V77L seats 6 adults

Leisure in Montana’s HOT TUB product of the week is the Marquis Vector21 V77L seating 6 adults (77″x77″x36) with a lounge seat.  The Vector21 delivers a flow and force unlike any seen before.  Giving you the control and versatility to maximize your hydrotherapy needs.  The advanced system concept of the Marquis V77L is perfectly designed to transport body, mind and soul.

Come in today to learn more from your Relaxation Specialists.

Tubs for Tumbleweed is back!

Tubs for Tumbleweed is off and running again this year. This year they have asked us to fill as many spas as possible with Jeans, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Warm Socks, and any other new clothing for 14 to 24 year old Boys and Girls so that they can to fill the clothing closet.

Thank you to Tony Prill from Aces for donating an entire box of Hoodies to help us get started!

Remember that for Leisure family, when you bring in a piece of clothing for the spa, we will give you 25% off chemical that day, and for those wanting to purchase a spa, patio set, or outdoor kitchen with 5 outfits (pants and shirt) we will give you between $250 and $500 off your purchase on top of our regular discounts!

Thank you to everyone who is already chipping in and Happy Holidays!

Even Olympic Pools Can Turn Green

By now most people have heard or read about the algae filled diving pool at the Olympic Games in Rio. This is a great way to see just how quickly water quality can change. Literally, it is possible to go from crystal clear water to a mess in a few hours, especially when there are filtration issues, circulation issues, chemical issues, excess bathers, weather changes, or a host of other things going on. Unfortunately often times it can take longer than the same few hours to get that same pool back to crystal clear and beautiful. Pool season is short in Montana so if you are noticing issues with your pool, don’t wait! Bring a little water from the pool down to Leisure in Montana for quick test. By getting on any potential problems quickly, it will make it easier for your Relaxation Specialists to help put the “Leisure” back in your backyards biggest “liquid asset.”